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November 06, 2010

Million Pound Shock

Mc OK, so I'm watching The Million Pound Drop on Channel 4 last night, and suddenly there's an option for a Sci-Fi question. A couple with over £600,000 still in play opt for that category, so imagine my delight when the names Slyvester McCoy, Paul McGann, Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant come up. "This will be so easy," I tell the wife, expecting a question like "who played the 8th Doctor" or some such variation. It's only the second question after all.

When the question finally came up I was dumbstruck: "Which actor played the Doctor for the longest period?"

Now, what would you have done?

Of course the correct answer is McCoy - he was technically the Doctor from 1987-1996 - but I also knew that the bloody researcher would have gone for David Tennant because THEY'RE STUPID.

Ironically, earlier in the show McCall made fun of Wikipedia for being unreliable and yet I bet good money they used the very same source to get a cursory answer to their incredibly ambiguous question. Define "period" for starters.

Of course you could try to make a case that McCoy had a break between his appearances, but so, technically, did Tennant.

I honestly don't know what I would have done in the same situation except to refuse to answer the question before an adjudication could be made and the situation clarified.

Sadly, the poor couple weren't fans and even more sadly they split their million quid between every actor BUT Tennant, with a hefty wedge left on McCoy.

They went home empty-handed.

Surely they should be asked back tomorrow night? The world is unfair enough right now without Davina McCall adding to it.

UPDATE!: C4 have admitted the blunder and they are bringing the couple back on Friday with the £325,000 they put on McCoy back on the table. Great news. Now where's my cut?


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