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October 21, 2010

270 Pages (Approx) of Over-Analysis

Pandorica Opens Doctor Who: The Pandorica Opens - Exploring the Worlds of the Eleventh Doctor

Gratuitous plug time. Just when you thought the world was momentarily safe from 'scholar-fans' cluttering up the bookshelves with even more long-winded essays about the meaning of Matt Smith's fez, I'm afraid I'm about to disappoint you. Either that or cheer you up when I delightedly announce that I have one said volume about Doctor Who beating a path to your wallets. I can proudly say it's as 'scholar-fannish' (if that's a word) as it gets and somewhere in its freshly minted pages you're bound to read about the psychological impact of Rory's inside leg measurement on the fate of the universe. With a dash of Baudrillard.

To reiterate, this isn't a 'making of' or an exhaustive Andrew Pixley (no offence intended) 'they picked up that shot in the BBC car park on a wet Wednesday afternoon' episode guide type of book. The press release says (rustling of paper)...

"Cult television and film blogger Frank Collins has significantly expanded upon the original reviews from his popular Cathode Ray Tube website (and available on here, I hasten to add) to examine this latest series of adventures. He provides an in-depth analysis of episodes, characters, themes and ideas, and places Doctor Who within the wider cultural context of contemporary social, political, historical and psychological debates. A unique view of a television icon, providing much food for thought, this book is essential reading for fans of the new series."

I don't think I could have said that better myself. Oh, wait a minute. I did say that. I wrote the press release. Duh.

So, if you enjoyed my reviews of Series Five on here and you're hungry for oodles more detailed beard-stroking about Moffat's masterplan then this is definitely for you. Anyway, it's allegedly out on the 6th December and you can buy it at the discounted price of £12.49 direct from the publishers Classic TV Press. They also ship internationally. Why not pop over there and pre-order it? Go on, it means I'll be able to cover the extortionate cost of those tickets I lashed out on for Doctor Who Live. Oh, and it is available on Amazon if you feel you really must order it from them.

Classic TV Press

Full Press Release

Ta very much to the three that rule for allowing this brazen display of self-publicity.


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