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October 20, 2010

20 spoiler-lite (but not spoiler-free) reasons to look forward to Death of The Doctor

DD Trio 1) A talking vulture gives a surprisingly moving soliloquy for the last Time Lord.

2) A UNIT base inside Mount Snowdon.

3) And wait ’til you see what they’ve arranged for the Doctor’s big send-off.

4) The story doesn’t feature the Graske, in quite an amusing way.

5) Look who is on screen when Jo first makes her presence felt. A nice touch.

6) Lis and Katy – Smith and Jones – on screen together, swapping Peladon tales.

7) It looks like Robert Mugabe may finally have met his match.

8) The Doctor’s first appearance isn’t, really. But it’s very cool.

DD Alien world 9) An alien planet – in a quarry.

10) “It’s like someone baked you.”

11) A honeymoon planet isn’t necessarily what you think.

12) “It always hurts.”

13) Jo and The Doctor’s catch-up chat. Men shall weep. And it turns out that bit at the end of The End of Time was only the edited highlights.

14) “Intergalactic molecular streaming with just a hint of blackcurrant.”

15) Five hundred and seven.

DD Jo Sarah 16) Matt Smith’s delivery of the Doctor’s Big Speech. Awesome.

17) More clips than an episode of Doctor Who Confidential.

18) “It still smells the same.”

19) We find out what seven other ex-companions are up to.

20) It's a story all about the power of memories. Proustian rush guaranteed.


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