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February 11, 2009

Gallifrey 2009: The Calm Before The Oncoming Storm

IMG_2622 Spent a relaxing day yesterday in LA mentally preparing myself for the excitement of Gallifrey One. Not a soul was to be seen as I sat at the poolside - did I mention the room opens out onto the pool - and watched Timelash (that's the good Timelash not the one you were thinking of).

Anyhow, you'll be able to keep in touch with the goings on via our Twitter accounts @DamonQuerry, @NeilPerryman and @KittyFisher or via the mashed up Twitter Feed (bit flaky at the moment) of all three or via Behind the Sofa.

I'm off now to get my convention conjuntivitis seen to. If I didn't then I'd end up with enough eye patch anecdotes to drown the Brig!

Chin chin.


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