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July 12, 2008

"Graeme Harper has never forgiven me for Bergerac"

Charlie Ross takes over and Terry arrives carrying the head of Davros.  At this juncture we don't know if it contains Julian Bleach's severed head.  Perhaps we'll find out.

The session starts with an amiable amble through the differences between Who and Archers fans, and working on televison and radio.  The shock revelation here is that Jazzer in The Archers is blind.  You read it here first.

Somehow we get onto the type of editing equipment used in BBC studios.  A general chat about the use of sound effects, but it ends well as David Darlington (Big Finish sound man and barfly friend of TTV) gets some well-deserved phrase. 

I perk up when they move on to Crossroads.  Terry was in it during the William Smethurst era (just like virtually everyone else in The Archers at the time) playing the regenerated Stan Harvey. 

And on to Davros.  He got the gig because he worked on Matthew Robinson's TVS show about radio.  So Terry did the research, and jumped at the job.  *FIRST MENTION OF BLEACH HERE*.

A lot of detailed stuff about the genesis of the "I, Davros" series starts here.  Terry thinks Davros has got Aspergers Syndrome, which is odd as in theory that would make him likely to be a huge Doctor Who fan. 

The dividing line between genius and evil genius.  Shaun Lyon has to walk that tightrope every day.

Terry praises the cast of Revelation, and comment that poor old Colin (Baker) didn't have a lot to do.

Terry Malloy tells the story of visiting Cardiff and being collared by David Tennant who shocked him by saying that they had worked together on a radio play years before.  He then went over to Graeme Harper and by the sound of it almost gave him a stroke.

Best line of the panel "Graeme Harper has never forgiven me for Bergerac".

Apparently Terry played a director as a lunatic Irishman who often appeared in the background.  Harper only noticed later that Malloy was actually playing him, but by then it was too late.


Question 1: "Would you play Davros in Doctor Who" "They've got another one!"  Terry hasn't seen Bleach's performance yet as he's been out of the country.  Julie Gardner apparently rang Terry to explain they wanted to drive the character in a different direction.  Terry wondered if that meant "Davros would be gay and a tap dancer".  Controversial.  Terry admits it is difficult to see another person taking over a role and he does, naturally, feel a little proprietorial.   He is "handing on the mantle".

Damon wonders if Terry Malloy and Bill Oddie have ever been seen in the same room.  If anyone out there has any photos of such an event then please send it in to Tachyon TV where you could win a signed photo of Mary Tamm.

I just inadvertantly put my hand up when Charlie asked Terry how many people listened to The Archers.  It wouldn't be a normal panel if I didn't embarrass myself in some manner.

Neil wonders if we've stumbled into an Archers convention by mistake.  I draw his attention to the man on our right who is dressed up as Ed Grundy.  We ponder the issue further.

Potentially embarrassing moment where the organisers show Terry a clip of Davros from Journey's End.  Terry would have liked the modern-day prosthetics when he played the role.

Question 2:  What was it like working with Nicholas Courtney on The Scarifiers?  "It was great fun"

Question 3:  "Question about Davros and Hitler." "Weimar republic, yadda, yadda, yadda...."

I don't raise my theory about Davros being based on the Portuguese dictator Salazar.  According to Damon, Julian Bleach based his portrayal on Robert Mugabe.

Question 4:  "What was the source of Davros's charm?" CHARM?  Charm?  He wore Nyder's favourite aftershave, other than that who knows.  I didn't hear Terry's answer through my own incredulity.

Question 5:  "Has Davros always been looking over the Daleks?"  Terry muses on the fact that Davros can't stop tinkering with them, and that causes all sorts of trouble. 

Question 6: "Revelation question.  Was the tank a second life-support system? " "Terry quotes the script that "It was but a lure""  But Terry had an awful time in the tank.

That's it.  Terry is off to do The Archers.

Lunch now.  See you later.


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