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July 13, 2008

Saying Goodbye with Rhys and PC Andy

Well it had to be said that interesting panels have been a bit thin on the ground since John Leeson, so we've only been tempted into the final panel of the day by the prospect of PC Andy aka Tom Price possibly causing mayhem with Kai Owen.  But I'm not expecting miracles.

On the whole this convention has been fun, but the first day was better than the second, and as well as slightly lacklustre panels the attendance seems to have been a bit down (possibly) on previous events.  I hope this isn't a sign of a continuing trend.  But well done to the organisers for putting on the show.

Anyway onwards to Andy and Rhys.  They are introduced by a montage of Doctor Who credits which seems odd since they are in Torchwood.  Still, as Damon points out, Rhys was on the other end of the phone in The Stolen Earth so I suppose it counts.

Kai comes on and introduces Tom Price.  It's a Q&A, which I can't possibly keep up with. 

In summary, this was a great knockaround session and Kai and Tom did a wonderful job in keeping the crowd going at the end of a long day.  An excellent end to a patchy weekend.

And that's it.  We may well be blogging again at Dimensions in November, but as I'll be back on the drink by then the results may be even less coherent than this.

Bye, bye.


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