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July 12, 2008

Good Morning from Birmingham

The sun has actually come out in Birmingham, and Bad Wolf 2008 is almost ready to kick off.  We're promised an action-packed morning with Kai Owen, Peter Davison and Georgia Moffett among others, although the schedule is apparently in a state of flux and anything could happen.  Colin Baker arrives this evening.

Last night was full of the usual smashed glasses, brawling and very poor Davros impressions from the great and good of the Doctor Who fan glitterati.  I was uncharacteristically sober and so didn't get anyone in a head lock.  Though it was a close-run thing.  The most intense moment was just after midnight when a waiter was too eager and removed Damon's half-eaten BLT.  When Damon discovered this had happened, the resulting stand-off was reminiscent of Tom Baker holding off the Daleks in Destiny of the Daleks.  I swear Damon told the waiter to "Spack off" at one point.

More soon.


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