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July 12, 2008

Georgia On Our Mind

Georgia is instantly surrounded by so many photographers that Neil is reminded of a scene from The Elephant Man.  More alarmingly, Georgia is almost too wee to be believed.  But still:


Now that's out of the way we can turn to substance. 

Georgia unsurprisingly reveals that she would do a spin-off series if offered.  Colour me shocked.

The interview slides a bit into actorly talk of "grasping the role" of Jenny, and Georgia praises Stephen Greenhorn's writing.  The Doctor's Daughter was filmed in five weeks over the Christmas period.  Georgia mentions she was originally considered for The Unicorn and the Wasp, before getting the script for TDD and realising with shock that she was playing the title role.  Seamlessly things move on to guns before focussing on "Jenny's journey".

DB asks the audience if they were shocked by the way the Doctor treated Jenny.  He comments that "there's a sea of nodding heads in the audience."  Well I'm feeling pretty drowsy as well.


Question 1:  Someone is so overwhelmed by Georgia's cuteness that they completely forget their question and confess that they are "overstruck" by her.

DB strikes a deeply controversial note by saying that at first he didn't like Catherine Tate's character, but now he does.  Never afraid to go out on a limb.

DB also mentions (jokingly) that interviewing John Barrowman was like looking into a mirror.  Damon and Neil think that that's one sexy mirror!

Question 2:  If you could go anywhere in time and space, yadda, yadda, yadda

Question 3:  "What was it like being a Time Lady?"  "The trousers were too tight."

Georgia tried to keep the role a secret but possibly unwisely told her son.

Question 4:  "What was it like working with David Tennant" "He's very happy at 5 in the morning"  No comment.

"DB:  He's a Paisley boy.  Like me.  He's charm personified."

Then there's a bit of needless Eccleston slagging off.  My immediate reaction is who the fuck do you think you are slagging off one of the best actors of his generation.  But it's probably harmless.

Question 5:  "What was it like working with your dad on Fear, Stress and Anger?"  It was nice.

Question 6:  "If you did the series, then what monster would you like to grapple with"  Weirdly she likes the Emperor (sic) of Racnoss.  She must have a morbid dread of spiders that don't move.

Question 7:  "If you were to redecorate the TARDIS what would you do?"  "It would be pink"

Question 8: "What would you have done if you hadn't become an actor" "Undercover forensic investigator or archaeologist"

Georgia thinks Doctor Who is the most rewarding thing she's done.  The crew on The Bill must be livid.

What form of acting does she prefer?  She's terrified of the theatre.

DB gives Georgia some helpful tips about how to act on stage.

Question 9: "Something about her mum being Hitch-Hikers - would she follow in her footsteps?" "I'd do anything".

I nodded off during the bit about The Bill.  Apparently she played some kind of Sun Hill Station floozy.

Georgia has passed her driving test and gets a round of applause.  It's that kind of panel.  She is also scared of fish.  I thought I'd throw that in.

DB mentions that RTD is doing a talk at the NFT.  Neil wonders if he'll do it from behind a mosquito net.  You read it here first.

Question 10:  "Do you think Jenny will ever take over the Doctor's role as the defender of Time and Space?" "There'd be too much responsibility."  Sort of like running the British Library.

Question 11: "Did your Dad give you some advice about attending conventions?" "No" "Are you enjoying it?" "Yes.  But a bit scary."

Question 12: "Did you have a favourite Doctor Who?" DB has a go at the questioner, but Georgia answers graciously.  Clearly she is torn between David and her Dad.  In the end she gives them a heart each.  Ahhhhh!

Question 13: "Did you find it hard to do the gymnastic scene?" "It was hard to make it look real"

She had to work out a lot, but she doesn't look particularly out of shape at the moment.  Not that I've been looking too hard.

And with a standing ovation we move onwards to Terry Malloy.


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