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April 02, 2008

"Conformity is the only freedom."

Despite the return of the series on Saturday (how excited am I?  Very excited) the dvd releases of the classic series continues apace and in case you missed it, the BBFC have passed a future extra which gives the game away as to a future shiny disc which should turn up just after the new series reaches it climax.  More after the jump.

Four to Doomsday?  Four to bloody Doomsday?  Yes, folks, it's this year's Timelash, a stultifying pickle of a story featuring contemporary dance and a bunch of villains who in human form look like refugees from Abigail's Party.  Here you go kids.  You'll love this.

Still, if the commentary features Janet, Susan, Matthew and Pete it should be a treat.
"Look at my hair."
"I think this is really rather good."
"Now, come on people, it was of its time."
"Shut up Matthew."


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