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March 09, 2008

Rutans versus Peckhams

Well this we should have seen this coming; after the vanillaest of vanilla releases for April (Black Orchid), The Invasion Of Time gets the DVD release treatment around May 5th to coincide with The Sontaran Stratagem in season four. Fair enough all the other (better) Sontaran stories have been released already, but now it means we have to put up with Derek Deadman's cockney accent at the same time Mike Thecoolperson is giving us his Gaw Blimey Guv over on BBC1. Even the sonic screwdriver can't get us out of this one - gives new meaning to 'the mighty Sontaran Arsenal'.
Elsewhere: Bob The Angry Flower, featured on these pages before, boarded the Sontaran bus last Friday.


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